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SonicCloud Streaming

Stream video to enjoy content or do video conference calls with personalized sound on your Windows laptop or Desktop computer

Getting Started

Now that you’ve taken the hearing assessment, download the SonicCloud app from the email we sent you, to your computer.

Or download it now

Go to on your Windows computer to download it!

Install SonicCloud Streaming on your Windows computer

Use the Quick Install guide or the Windows Manual

Select the Audio Device
And log into SonicCloud

Watch stuff! Movies, comedy sketches. Or do Zoom, Teams, or Webex calls!

First, choose a hearing profile you like.

If you’re happy with what you hear, you’re good to go!

Next find a comfortable listening level with the volume bar.

If you would like additional enhancement, here are some tips:

Adjust BOOST in both Left and Right ears and find a good balance between the two.

Now adjust the SHARP slider for clarity and crispness of speech, in each ear.

Next, adjust the RICH slider until it sounds natural to you. Again, in each ear!

You can change vowels and consonants for further fine-tuned adjustments!

Now you can modify COMFORT and FULLNESS to make more subtle changes to the “character” of the sound.  For example, FULLNESS “opens up” the sound or “compresses” it.

You can save any changes you’ve made by tapping the + button next to your profile.

Don’t worry if you simply prefer your original hearing profile!

You can always revert to that one!

The Streaming Control panel is meant to give you the power to fine tune only IF you want it!

Now how does that sound?
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the “ear-opening clarity” of SonicCloud Streaming!

If you have any issues, reach out to anytime.  We’re here to help!


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