How accurate is SonicCloud?

SonicCloud is incredibly granular.  Thousands of hours of work were poured into what is an endeavor to get you the very best possible personalization.

Make sure you take your hearing assessment in a quiet room, as our assessment goes down to 1 decibel of accuracy. This includes the loudness level (discomfort) portion, which we have found it to be critical for zeroing in to enhance speech understanding.

Often, with hearing loss, a “straw that breaks the camel’s back” phenomenon applies to getting the best enhancement. The enhancements seem okay, but then you do several tweaks and suddenly you hit a tipping point and,  “AHA!” –you experience the moment where it all coalesces.  

This is why you should stick with it when you take the assessment. So you can achieve that moment where it all clicks—you can hear more clearly, and understand words better, than  you ever have, AND it sounds more natural at the same time.

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