How do I adjust my Hearing Profile during a call?

During a call, you can adjust your hearing profile for optimal clarity... no matter the voice or the environment. Simply click 'More Sound Adjustment' in the SonicCloud app while on a call, then choose either 'Basic Tuning' for quick tweaks, or 'SuperCharge' for precise changes. We recommend starting with 'Basic Tuning' and moving around the sliders until the audio sounds just right. If you make these adjustments and are STILL not satisfied with the audio, use 'SuperCharge' to gain complete control over your hearing curve. For instance, if the audio sounds 'Too Tinny,' you can click that button to adjust the associated part of the hearing curve. Same thing for if the audio sounds, 'Too Tunnely,' 'Too Muffled,' 'Too Echoey,' or 'Too Explosive.' We've seen dozens of users achieve their ' AHA! I can hear!" moments using SuperCharge. Sometimes the smallest tweaks make the biggest difference! Go ahead, play around with these settings until it sounds perfect 👌 If you like your new profile, go ahead and click 'Save.'

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