How does the Hearing Assessment work?

The Hearing Assessment is composed of three parts. First, there's the "Pre-Screen:" In the "Pre-Screen," you'll listen to a set of beeps and record how many beeps you hear. This is useful in determining how in-depth the rest of the Hearing Assessment should be, based on your level of hearing loss. Next, there's the "Minimum Threshold " part of the assessment: In this section, you'll record the minimum volume level that you can just barely hear at 8 different frequencies, from the low-pitched opera singer to the high-pitched bird. Lastly, you'll take the "Loudness Evaluation" test, which records the maximum volume that you are able to hear each of hte 8 different frequencies before experiencing discomfort. After completing this 3-part hearing assessment, SonicCloud will be able to tune each frequency such that it will be loud enough for you to hear, but not so loud that it's uncomfortable. Internally, we refer to this as "threading the needle." So even if you have a very narrow range of hearing, we will be able to thread that needle within the narrow range that you DO have so you can experience crisp, clear phone calls!

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