How much does SonicCloud cost?

SonicCloud is free to download. You can also take the hearing assessment for free, see your hearing results for free, and make a test call for free. If you decide you absolutely LOVE SonicCloud after your 30 day free trial, the price is just $9.99/mo (far less than any hearing aid!)

We know $9.99/mo sounds expensive for an app, but this is not your typical app. The power underneath the hood allows even people with severe to profound hearing loss to hear perfectly on the phone. You can watch testimonials of real users trying SonicCloud for the first time here:

88% of people surveyed responded that SonicCloud was "clearly better" than what they experience with their $4,000+ hearing aids! That's the biggest reason our CoFounder, who has severe hearing loss himself, started this company - because he was tired of paying thousands of dollars for hearing aids that don't work that well. Our mission is to make powerful hearing technology available to everyone. You can try SonicCloud free for 30 days without paying a dime. Only stay on if you absolutely LOVE it! 

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