How to Cancel SonicCloud (iPhone)

Follow these steps to cancel your SonicCloud subscription.

Step 1. Turn OFF Call Forwarding (If it's ON). Here's How:

Step 2. Cancel Your SonicCloud Subscription in iTunes. Here's How:

• First, go to "Settings" in your phone

• Next, tap on Your Name

• Tap "iTunes and App Store"

• Now tap to "View Apple ID"

• Next, tap "Subscriptions"

• Select "SonicCloud"

• Then, tap "Cancel Subscription"

• Finally, tap "Confirm"

Note: Since SonicCloud is an iPhone app that is purchased in the App Store, it must be cancelled from within the App Store. SonicCloud cannot cancel your subscription for you. Nevertheless, if you are having any trouble at all please don't hesitate to reach out to us at! We are here to help.

Step 3. Remove SonicCloud Streaming from your Mac Computer (if you've downloaded it). Here's How:

• On your Mac computer, go to

• Click the "Download Uninstaller" button on that page

• Double Click to open the file and remove SonicCloud Streaming from your Mac

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