What do audiologists say about SonicCloud?

SonicCloud was developed alongside some of the most respected audiologists in the field. 

Here's what Jody Winzelberg, the former Chief of Audiology at Stanford Children's Health, and former Director of Audiology at Stanford University's Medical Center, has to say about SonicCloud:

“SonicCloud is a game changer. It provides unparalleled user controls capable of enhancing sound for people with mild to severe hearing loss as well as those without hearing loss who can benefit from enhanced audibility in difficult listening situations. The hearing fingerprint assessment is user friendly and engaging providing customizable quality to fit the listener’s unique needs. If you have difficulty hearing on your smart phone, try the SonicCloud solution.”

And here's what Jane Baxter, a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology at Pacific Hearing Center, has to say about SonicCloud:

“SonicCloud is the perfect solution for many people with hearing loss who work hard to understand conversations on their cell phones. Our patients tried SonicCloud in beta tests and reported that it was much easier to communicate and voices were more natural than with their hearing aids alone.The process of obtaining the hearing fingerprint was fun and engaging. SonicCloudis also useful for people with minimal hearing loss who need to communicate via their phones in noisy environments.” 

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