What happens during the Hearing Assessment?

First, you're shown a tip to wear earbuds in order to get the best results.

Now, press “Start” when the green button appears.

Take the Pre-Screen to find your hearing category.

View a demo of the Minimum Audibility Threshold part of the assessment. Your goal is to find the minimum volume level at which you can hear the beep tones.

Complete the Minimum Threshold part of the assessment for each ear.

Interesting Fact:The characters represent frequencies, from the baritone Opera Singer(250Hz) to the very high-pitched Bird (8000Hz).

Now take the “Loudness Evaluation” (aka “Discomfort Level” part of the assessment). This allows us to better shape the corrections to help you with speech understanding.

The goal is to find your level of discomfort with the tones. It should not be painful, just something you wouldn’t want tolisten to conversation throughout the day.

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