Why is there tuning during a call if you’ve already taken the Hearing Assessment?

Think of it as a pyramid. Levels of Tuning.

You’ve got your baseline hearing assessment.

Then “Advanced Refinement,” the second tier of tuning, allows you to zero in on certain letters or phonemes that need sharpening or clarifying. But that only works for a generalized “voice.”

Now imagine you’re on a live phone call. And you’re talking to your 5-year-old niece with a squeaky, high pitched voice! Well, you didn’t tune your audio to a recording of your niece, you did it to a recording of a man or woman's voice.

Now you can tweak it to work for a voice with a much higher fundamental frequency, like a child’s voice.  And SAVE that profile for the next time you talk to that little darling.

This third tier of the pyramid is known as "Real-Time Tuning."

Or modify the audio to work for when your friend is driving in the car or in a noisy restaurant. Just save “Dan’s car” or “ Le Petit Bistro” and you’re off to the races!

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