world's First software Only hearing Solution
A single application to improve hearing across all devices
SonicCloud optimizes your listening experience by continuously adjusting the pitch and tone of speech, music, and other sounds to deliver personalized audio for people with normal to severe hearing loss across all electronic devices.
Virtual Meetings
Conversational Intelligence
VoIP Phone System
Music , Videos & Streaming
Woman with hearing difficulties listening to clear sound using SonicCloud on her laptop during a conference call.

We Transform Sound to Maximize Speech Understanding

SonicCloud’s speech intelligibility algorithm brings out unprecedented clarity while maintaining a completely natural sound quality. Our proprietary signal processing and patented self-tuning capabilities deliver unrivaled, personalized speech understanding across the entire spectrum of hearing ability.

Pure Audio Capture
Pure digital audio is captured directly from the source (computer, phone, tablet) reducing background noises to enhance comfort and clarity.
Real-Time Personalization
115 precisely adjusted audio parameters optimized in real time to the user’s hearing needs at a granularity of 1 dB to bring forward lost or hard to hear frequencies.
Full Range Output
Highest quality audio output made possible by covering the entire range of human hearing (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz) versus conventional hearing aids (100 Hz to 8,000 Hz).

Businesses Around The Globe Choose To Listen With SonicCloud

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A cellular phone with the SonicCloud application open.

What people are saying

"I went back and rewatched ‘Hamilton’ with SonicCloud and it was beautiful. I never realized how much of the music I was missing until I listened to it with SonicCloud. It almost made me cry."
Joe S.  (Florida)

"Oh my god! It’s so much better I just want to live in a SonicCloud world of sound."
Michelle O. (Michigan)

"I was scared I would not be able to do my job because I couldn’t hear on video calls.  But thanks to SonicCloud I can hear clearly and continue working."
Theo S. (Pennsylvania)

"I couldn’t hear on video calls, so I would just start talking and take over the entire call. Now, thanks to SonicCloud I can hear and am better at collaborating."
Mark G. (California)