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About 1 in 6 employees suffer from hearing difficulties. Help your employees communicate with confidence.
Used in World-Class Organizations
Inclusive is the new productive
Foster inclusivity
Improve team communication and boost meeting confidence with enhanced listening. Elevate collaboration and foster inclusivity.
Reduce call fatigue
SonicCloud's algorithm instantly refines speech and sound, reducing audio and cognitive strain during calls.
Empower employees
Your employees have complete control in customizing their hearing profiles to how they hear best.
Theo S
Business Analyst
Even though I could do my job, my disability was a clear barrier.
I thought I would have to quit. But then I found SonicCloud. Now with its help, I can do my job 100%, if not 110%.
Secure and easy to implement
Works with your existing conference software
Zoom Meetings
Microsoft Teams
Google Meet
Enterprise-grade privacy and security practices
End-to-End encryption
No data transfers
On-device audio processing
Seamless and easy for company-wide adoption
Quick Deployment
Offline Builds
Easy to Implement

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SonicCloud Frisson Pro
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Unlimited personalized hearing profiles
Hearing profiles applied to all audio
Ability to fine-tune profiles at anytime
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