Improving the well-being for everyone
with hearing difficulties

SonicCloud creates personalized, transformational hearing solutions. Our mission is to spark meaningful connections so everyone with hearing difficulties can lead a healthy and joyous life.
Hearing Loss Affects Millions
Hearing is a precious gift. It plays a critical role in building meaningful connections, expanding our knowledge, and experiencing life’s beautiful moments.
Over 1.1 billion young adults ages 12 to 35—an age group that frequently uses headphones to listen to music—are at risk.*
Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical health condition among adults. And it’s only getting worse.**
SonicCloud helps people with hearing difficulties
Live a joyous and fulfilling life with personalized,
transformational hearing software solutions.
Loved By Individuals
I was scared I would not be able to do my job because I couldn’t hear on video calls. But thanks to SonicCloud I can hear clearly and continue working.
- Theo S.
I went back and rewatched ‘Hamilton’ with SonicCloud and it was beautiful. I never realized how much of the music I was missing until I listened to it with SonicCloud. It almost made me cry.
- Joe S.
Without SonicCloud, everything sounds dull and lifeless. With SonicCloud, voices came alive and sounded much better!
- Elmwood
Used in World-Class Organizations