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Rediscover sound, your way. Explore the world with personalized listening.
I’m hearing things that I haven't heard in a long time.
It's pretty magical.
- Brian
Key Features
Clinically validated solution
Developed by leading Stanford audiologist Jody Winzelberg, AuD.
Unique to your hearing
Create custom hearing profiles based on your personal hearing ability.
Discreet and easy to use
Downloads in minutes to your computer. Use your earbuds or headphones.
What you can do with SonicCloud Frisson
Collaborate with confidence
Understand voices and accents more clearly and participate in video calls stress-free.
Enhance entertainment
Hear previously inaudible dialogue and sounds in shows and music.
Supercharge learning
Forget playback. Effortlessly absorb the learning material while taking notes.
Create with precision
From audio mixing to content creation, get precise audio clarity to create perfection.
Hear the Difference
Without SonicCloud
With SonicCloud
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How SonicCloud Frisson Works
Rediscover Your Favorite Sounds
I use SonicCloud to watch Netflix. It’s amazing to watch a movie and actually hear it! I could not be happier.
- Mona

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SonicCloud Frisson
Best for individuals
Unlimited personalized hearing profiles
Hearing profiles applied to all audio
Ability to fine-tune profiles at anytime
Free Sound Check hearing assessments
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