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We empower your team to hear clearly.

SonicCloud empowers everyone with mild to severe hearing loss to hear speech with clarity while maintaining a completely natural sound quality.

Our enterprise solution personalizes the sound on your computer to help you conquer your work day like a boss, without limitation.

  • Video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, Lifesize, Poly, Etc)

  • VoIP calls from your computer

  • Webinars

  • Video / music streaming

  • And more.

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Soniccloud on laptop

Did you know 1 in 4 employees suffer from some degree of hearing loss?

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How it works...

In just a few steps you will unlock crystal clear audio that will help you be more productive at the office, and at home.
Step 1

Download the free trial of our desktop software.

Step 2

Select from one of our pre-made hearing profiles.

Step 3

Adjust the simple patented controls to enhance for full audio clarity.

Step 4

Start hearing crystal clear conversations through your PC/MAC speakers, or headset!

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We transform sound to maximize speech understanding

SonicCloud’s speech intelligibility algorithm brings out unprecedented clarity while maintaining a completely natural sound quality. Our proprietary signal processing and patented self-tuning capabilities deliver unrivaled, personalized speech understanding across the entire spectrum of hearing ability.

SonicCloud provides the most accurate portable audiometric configuration

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