Making Phone Calls

Watch how Making Phone Calls works.

Your First Call Using SonicCloud.

Want to experience clearer phone calls? You’re in luck!

SonicCloud has the power to enhance phone calls and improve speech understanding.

Simply take our hearing assessment, open up the SonicCloud app, and make your first call using our powerful personalization engine!

How to Call Someone

Tap the phone icon at the bottom of the home screen to make a call. You may dial someone directly by entering their phone number; or, simply select that person from your Contacts.

Switching Between Profiles

While on a call, you have the ability to switch between hearing profiles. Just tap “Profiles” while on a live call. Go ahead, try it out!

Real-Time Tuning

If you’re on a call with someone who has a hard-to-hear voice, or if you’re in a noisy environment such as a restaurant or car, you can enhance your audio in real time!

There are three tiers of tuning to choose from:

"Basic Tuning," "Advanced Tuning," and "Supercharge."

Basic Tuning

"Basic Tuning" lets you make quick tweaks to Clarity and Volume.

Advanced Tuning

You can even go one level deeper by tapping "Advanced Tuning.

Here, you’ll be able to enhance specific sounds like CH, SH, and S. If you feel good about the changes you’ve made, tap SAVE.

Next time you’re on a call, you’ll find this new profile happily nestled in your Profiles disk.


For more precise changes, or if you want to get fancy, tap “SuperCharge” in the "Advanced Tuning" section while on a live call.

This is the most advanced real time tuning capability within SonicCloud.

Be sure to check out our “Quick Tips” for how to modify the audio if it sounds “too echoey,” “too tunnelly,” “too explosive,” “too muffled,” or “too tinny.”

We recommend raising the curve in the clarity section. Once the sound is sharp and crisp, bring back a natural quality in the “richness” section.

Let your brain be your guide! After all, ONLY YOU know how good it sounds.

Creating New Hearing Profiles

If you’re making adjustments based on a specific person’s voice, it’s probably a good idea to save the new profile under that person’s name. For example, you can save your niece’s profile as “Niece’s high pitched voice,” so whenever you chat with her on the phone in the future, you’ll have her custom profile ready to go! Other people find it helpful to save profiles for specific environments, such as a noisy restaurant or a subway station.

The possibilities are endless.


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