ANNOUNCEMENT — Apple names SonicCloud “App of the Day” on the App Store

Larry Guterman
February 26, 2020

SonicCloud was named App of the Day on the App Store today (Wednesday February 26.)  “SonicCloud levels the audio playing field by adjusting sound to best suit the way you hear” the feature started, “ Everyone hears speech differently—and some of us hear certain letters better than others.”

The feature appears on the main page of the App Store when a user clicks on the App Store icon on their phone.  It showcases parts of the app including the hearing assessment and audiogram, as well as the intuitive and powerful self-tuning capability that allows users to zero in on a hearing profile that results in the very best and most natural sounding speech enhancement, tailored to their unique hearing ability or hearing loss.

“You’ll start by taking a hearing assessment in the app (or importing your audiogram from Apple Health)…Based on the results SonicCloud will let you know which letter sounds you hear well and which ones it can help you with”

“You can apply (your) sonic profile to phone calls you initiate within the app as well as to popular podcasts and internet radio streams available in SonicCloud. There’s even a tool that lets you adjust audio while you’re on a call. Does voice sound too muffled, tinny or echoey? Just play with a few sliders until the sound is  just right.”

The App of the Day is a coveted spot on the App Store given that there are more than 3 million apps on the platform.  The recognition of SonicCloud illuminates the importance of Hearing Accessibility for the hard-of-hearing.  By acknowledging apps and companies working to create a more inclusive world, Apple amplifies the message of accessibility in a powerful and meaningful way.