ANNOUNCEMENT: SonicCloud integrates with Apple Health 

Mattimore Cronin
October 31, 2019

SonicCloud integrates with Apple Health 

Now, for the first time ever, anyone with an iPhone can import their audiogram from Apple Health directly into SonicCloud to enjoy rich, personalized sound, instantly.

Users can also export their “Hearing Fingerprint” from SonicCloud into Apple Health, so that their latest hearing health information is safely stored in one place: The Apple Health App. This is a major step for the hearing loss community, as there was previously no easy way to keep track of your hearing over time on  your device, or to integrate third party hearing apps with the Apple Health App.

After uploading your Apple Health Audiogram to SonicCloud, whether it comes from your hearing health provider or elsewhere, users can immediately experience personalized sound. With SonicCloud it doesn’t stop there. Users can also take advantage of SonicCloud’s additional data capture, self-tuning capabilities and proprietary speech intelligibility algorithms to generate a hearing profile that more accurately targets the dynamic range of the individual, resulting in crystal clear speech understanding. After all, we hear with our brain, not with our ears, so in leveraging your unique psycho-acoustic preferences, SonicCloud enables you to enjoy phone calls on your smartphone and podcasts, music, video and more right inside our Mac Desktop app.

SonicCloud is the first and only app on the iOS App Store (as of this writing) to offer this range of capability. 

Lauded as the “best online or mobile hearing assessment” providing a“ substantially improved method of acoustic amplification” by industry experts, and voted by Apple’s Editorial Board as an “App We Love” in the Fall of 2019, SonicCloud’s mission has always been to make hearing technology truly accessible everywhere to everyone. With iOS 13 and this new Apple HealthKit integration, we are one step closer to achieving that goal.

Download the latest version of SonicCloud to try this major new feature for yourself!