Making Remote Work Hearing-Accessible with SonicCloud during COVID-19

Larry Guterman
April 11, 2020

SonicCloud is a powerful application for your desktop or laptop that allows you to enhance and personalize all the sound on your computer, especially if you have mild to profound hearing loss. 

With the global shift to remote work and education during the time of COVID-19,  people and teams worldwide are communicating and collaborating on video conference platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. 

We understand how this change in work habits can be doubly challenging for people with hearing loss. 

Meanwhile, our customers tell us how easy SonicCloud is to use in conjunction with videoconferencing. Voices and dialogue can sometimes come out muddy, muffled and distant. SonicCloud gives users an extra boost in richness, clarity and customization to quickly and seamlessly increase speech understanding. 

To support people now dependent on video conference platforms for school or work, SonicCloud will provide a simplified version of our platform during the time of COVID-19, to easily integrate with the video application of your choice.

Simply download the SonicCloud Hearing Test on your iPhone or Android Phone to capture your hearing fingerprint.

Then install SonicCloud on your Windows or Mac computer and log in with the same account you created on your phone! Your hearing profile will now appear automatically in the desktop app and enhance all  the audio on your computer!"

We’re here to ensure that your remote communication experience is as easy, painless, and accessible as possible. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.