Something BIG is Coming April 20th to Help Millions of People with Hearing Loss

Larry Guterman
April 16, 2018

Yesterday, something truly transformational happened…

My friend sat down and watched “Saturday Night Live” skits on Youtube, and episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

“What’s the big deal?”, you may ask.

Well, here’s the thing...

She has dramatic hearing loss.

And she hasn’t been able to watch TV or movies without captions on Youtube or Netflix. Ever.

So she never gets the true and intended experience of enjoying entertainment content.

And the same goes for hundreds of millions around the world.

Whether it’s watching lectures, sports, listening to music, having a Skype call, or simply enjoying comedy sketches the way they were meant to be enjoyed, this problem is HUGE for people with hearing loss. In fact, 1 in 3 baby boomers suffer from this condition to some degree.

Now, she can laugh at every joke, exactly when the performers deliver them, without having to search the eyes of friends or family for validation, embarrassed and wondering if what was just said was actually funny.

How is this possible?

That’s our secret — for now.

We are developing something BIG. Something that will change the lives of millions of people who suffer from hearing loss. Something that’s so easy and simple to use, people will wonder why it wasn’t created sooner. It’s the next incarnation of the company I co-founded: SonicCloud. And while it may appear simple to the user (by design), it’s been incredibly complex to build.

What’s the technology behind it?

For years we have been working alongside world class audiologists, digital signal processing experts, and auditory neuroscientists to develop this breakthrough solution. This is the culmination of thousands of hours of effort developing and testing the product. The underlying technology incorporates not only an intimate knowledge of how to enhance hearing at a mechanical level, but also how to compensate for neural and environmental differences. The science is deep. You can learn more about the science of SonicCloud here.

When is it available?

My friend, and SonicCloud advocate, Sean Hayes (you may know him as “Jack” from Will & Grace) and I are announcing this revolutionary product on April 20th, on the Dr. Oz show.

Where can I download it?

You can download the Streaming App at You can also just click the button at the bottom of this page! Keep in mind you’ll have to take the hearing assessment on your smartphone first, before using SonicCloud Streaming.

Over to you!

So, what do you think!? Let us know in the comments section. We will be happy to give you a shout out and answer any questions you might have!

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